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Our Initiatives 


Reduce + Measure + Off-Set


Sustainability is a cause close to all our hearts. We are always working to ensure that we are upholding the most current and best practices, working with local, location-specific, environmental charities and taking guidance and tuition as we progress. 


The foundation of our business is one in which we endeavour to reduce our environmental impact whenever we can and measure the carbon footprint of each and every production. This approach is an integral part of our services and we offset the carbon footprint of every production as standard. We also offer our clients the opportunity to purchase carbon avoidance credits that align with their company’s climate action. 


On all shoots we have a designated sustainability lead to ensure processes are met and managed seamlessly throughout. 


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RAW's Sustainability Initiatives

Here at RAW PRODUCTION we feel passionate about making production greener. We are doing a number of things as standard for our clients and give you the option to do more if you can. 

At RAW we have made a promise to uphold sustainability in every aspect of production, reducing our environmental impact as much as possible. By keeping up to date with industry best practices, we aim to continually improve our approach. 


Below are some of the areas which we focus on: 


TRANSPORT: We encourage all team and crew to use the most sustainable form of transport where practicality allows.  

We are consistently ready to assist in planning and coordinating environmentally friendly transportation alternatives, and we can also facilitate meetings on the way when opting for more sustainable travel options, such as trains over planes. Our priority is to use electric and hybrid vehicles in London and other locations when they are accessible, and we encourage carpooling whenever possible.


WASTE MANAGEMENT: Strict zero waste to landfill policy. 

First, we recycle everything possible! Then any non-recyclable waste is safely incinerated to generate electricity, which is fed into the National Grid. The heat generated is 

captured and used to provide heating and hot water to over 100,000+ UK homes. 


ENERGY: We prioritise the use of energy-efficient lighting, heating, and renewable energy sources where available. 

Closely monitored power consumption and a switch-off policy covering all possible equipment and devices during significant breaks help to reduce unnecessary energy waste.


PLASTICS: No single-use plastic on set. Our drinking stations promote reusable water bottles and coffee cups with a ban on polystyrene. 


PAPER: Paperless offices and paperless communication are encouraged. 

We ask the team and crew not to print call sheets, creative documents, schedules, scripts or boards, etc. unless absolutely necessary, providing tablets for crews through our sister company. Any document printed is on 100% recycled paper and must be recycled at the end of the shoot. 


SET & WARDROBE: We help all departments work to the conservation hierarchy. We aim to ensure all elements are reduced, returned or recycled. 


CATERING: All of our catering menus are vegetarian/vegan to reduce the environmental impact, only providing meat if specifically requested. We use local catering suppliers to help reduce emissions and always look to obtain seasonal, organic options, and where possible, we use real crockery and cutlery. 

At the end of each day, all leftover fresh produce will be available for anyone to take home or given to charities. 

We use local and environmentally friendly brands for our craft supplies. 

We supply returnable cups on set, or completely compostable vegwear cups on all sets for all crew, and only use fully biodegradable coffee capsules. 

We provide reusable water bottles, water in cans and water dispensers for all crew on every production. 


CLEANING: We only use eco-friendly, plant-based, cruelty-free cleaning products in our office and on set.


SUPPLIERS: Our preferred suppliers are those whose sustainability practices and policies align with our own, and where possible are verified by sustainability certifications. 

** Please get in touch to receive a copy of our Travel, Energy, Materials & Waste Policies

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