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Join the RAW Revolution

Where creativity and responsibility work in perfect harmony RAW Production is not just another production house. We are pioneers at the forefront of the environmental production revolution. Since 2016, our commitment to reducing our environmental impact has not just shaped our operations and projects; it's defined them. For us, sustainability isn't a box to check off - it's the foundation of everything we do.


Productions measured to date:

(Since integrating the AdGreen calculator, which launched September 2021) 

Raw Vision, Raw Creativity, Raw Content

At RAW, we believe in the power of storytelling - but not at the expense of our planet. We've been leading the way in responsible content production, partnering with sustainable brands and creative agencies to create narratives that don't just captivate but also conserve. When you choose RAW, your vision doesn't just get seen; it becomes a statement of your commitment to reducing your impact and investing in local communities.

“Our stance on sustainability is simple yet strong: we reduce, measure, and offset for all jobs, no matter the spend. This is not just a service we offer; it’s the very essence of our policy and a testament to our dedication to the environment, sometimes at a cost to us. But, this is a small price to pay for adhering to our values and contributing positively to the world”

Lou, Director RAW Production

The RAW Movement to measure and reduce 

With the AdGreen Carbon Calculator, RAW Production proudly stands as the third-highest user. This accolade underscores our unwavering dedication to minimising our carbon footprint. Every project we undertake is meticulously planned to reduce, measure, and offset carbon impact, helping your brand tell its story and carry your message whilst upholding your environmental commitment to reducing harmful emissions.

“At AdGreen we motivate the advertising industry to reduce the negative environmental impacts of production, and enable the community to measure and understand waste and carbon emissions.” 

“Moving toward a sustainable future demands courage, concession, and collaboration. This is even more true in production, a naturally collaborative process which follows long-established practices. AdGreen creates a roadmap, sharing inspiration from those who have taken the lead, and showcasing the support we can provide as you move through your sustainable production journey.” 

Jo Fenn, Global Director & Founder, AdGreen

RAW circle nude.png

13 tCO2e

The average annual

footprint of a UK citizen

RAW circle coral.png

13.9 tCO2e

Average size of a completed project (over £50k per shoot day 2023) AdGreen

RAW circle black.png

6.2 tCO2e

Average size of a completed project in 2023 AdGreen

RAW circle nude.png

RAW Production

are an AdGreen

Super User

Ranked number


RAW circle navy.png

7 tCO2e

The global average

annual footprint

Why Responsibility in Production Matters 

The entertainment and creative industries are uniquely positioned to influence culture and consumer behaviour globally. By embedding positive environmental behaviours from drawing board to final shot, we are not just creating content; we are crafting a legacy of respect for our planet.

Ready to RAW ahead? 

Today, environmental responsibility isn't just appreciated; it's expected. At RAW Production, our foundational belief in reducing our emissions and waste differentiates us. Our unique approach to content production has not only defined our work but has also established us as leaders in sustainable storytelling. Transform your brand’s narrative with creativity that doesn’t cost the earth. By choosing RAW Production, you're not just making a statement about your commitment to sustainability; you're actively participating in shaping a better future for our planet.

212 kgCO2e

LON > PARIS Economy


RAW circle nude.png
RAW circle navy.png

3 kgCO2e



RAW circle black.png
RAW circle coral.png

99 kgCO2e


meals served

on shoot

5 kgCO2e


meals served

on shoot

RAW movement2 navy.png

What’s different on a RAW Production?

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