Sustainable, carbon neutral productions for stills and motion

Here at RAW PRODUCTION we feel passionate about making production greener. We are doing a number of things as standard for our clients and give you the option to do more if you can. We love our planet and we only have one, let's treat it right.

ADGREEN: We work with AdGreen (a sustainability initiative supported by the APA) to act more sustainably in all aspects of production. AdGreen’s mission is to educate those in our industry on the issues we face regarding climate change and 

sustainability, to support production companies in acting more sustainably by developing best practice and to measure and then work to reduce our carbon footprint. 


CARBON OFFSET: Included in our service, we measure the carbon footprint of each production and offer you the opportunity to offset in a way that aligns with your company. Please ask us for more details.

RECYCLING: We always supply recycling bins at catering, craft tables and on location. We recycle everything with 0% of our waste going to landfill. Non-recyclable waste is safely incinerated, and electricity and heat are captured from this process. Electricity is sent to the National Grid, while heat is used to provide heating and hot water to over 100,000 UK homes. 

We also ask all set designers and art departments to ensure all set elements are returned or recycled. 

CATERING: We like to offer a Meat Free Monday and on all other days food provided will be 50% vegetarian, including vegan options. For all productions we use local catering suppliers to help reduce emissions and always look to obtain organic options. Where possible, we use real crockery and cutlery. At the end of each day, all left over fresh produce will be available for anyone to take home. 

COFFEE: We supply completely compostable vegwear cups on all sets for all crew and only use fully biodegradable Nespresso capsules on set.

HEATING & COOLING: We monitor this closely on set to help avoid excessive use of heating/air conditioning. We use renewable energy to power our office and wherever we can on set.

POWER SAVING: We closely monitor power consumption and ask the team to switch off all possible equipment and devices during significant breaks.


TRANSPORT: We encourage all team and crew to use greener forms of transport where possible and are always readily available to help plan and arrange options.


WATER: We provide reusable water bottles and water dispensers for all crew on every production.


PRINTING: We ask the team and crew not to print call sheets, creative documents, schedules, scripts or boards, etc. unless absolutely necessary. Any document printed is on 100% recycled paper. 

CLEANING: We only use eco-friendly, plant-based, cruelty-free cleaning products in our office and on set.

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